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Walmart and TJ MAXX for the win!

I have finally reached the point where I absolutely have to buy some new clothes. Basics. A few solid color tops to go with jeans and the brown, black and khaki pants that I already have. Things that can mixed and matched to stretch my very small wardrobe. I have shopped, or for lack of a better word, looked for days! Last week I went to Dillard’s, Cato, Marshall’s, Maurice’s, Kohl’s, Stage, The Shoe Department, Citi Trends, and even two Goodwill stores. I also did a ton of online browsing. My son was home from college Saturday and went shopping with me. I had no idea he had began to enjoy shopping, hence, some of the unusual stores for a 50+ woman. He walked me to death and we still came home empty handed. But I did enjoy spending the time with my, soon to be, 20 year old baby boy. We also stopped and had lunch with my daughter, who I won’t tell her age, i’ll just say she is his older sister. It was just a fun day getting to spend some much needed time with both of my kids. These days are getting fewer and farther between.

Sunday, after church, I decided to try one more time. I went to TJ Maxx and found a shell, a long waterfall vest for spring and a cute blouse. I then checked out Walmart and found another vest and a couple more solid shirts.

I know the The fashion bloggers would faint at the thought of buying clothes at Walmart or the Goodwill store. However, when you have had weight loss surgery and you have to buy a complete wardrobe (including underwear, and trust me bras and panties get too big as well, LOL) you can’t replace everything with name brand pieces. I love to shop Marshall’s and TJ Maxx because you can find some quality pieces at an affordable price. I have always been a frugal shopper even before having the RNY procedure.

I must end my ramblings today by saying that WLS surgery isn’t a fix all. There are tough days. Trust me, the two week liquid diet prior to surgery and the two weeks of liquid after are not easy. Starting solid foods with just a tablespoon or two for a meal is not the “easy way out”. It still requires discipline and changing your mindset. Food has been our friend, vice, and social activity. We have to begin a new life long way of life. Getting to shop for new clothes is the perk!

Have a blessed day!

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Loving the sunshine

Today is so warm and beautiful!  I live in Arkansas where we have just experienced the wettest February on record. This was the first day I’ve seen the sun in two weeks. I took advantage of this beautiful, although muddy, day and played outside with my grandson, Cash. As I was enjoying the first day of what feels like spring, I couldn’t help but think about how this year would be fresh and exciting too. This will be the first spring that I am looking forward to picking out summer clothes. I have always loved fall and winter clothing because it covers me in layers.

I have been thinking a lot about what a grand opportunity it is after weight loss surgery to discover my own style. When you are very over weight you have to wear whatever you can find that fits. While losing the weight you have to find things that aren’t expensive because you won’t be wearing them very long. But when you begin to see a significant loss and you have purged all of your clothing from your closet, it becomes time to start investing in a few new pieces of clothing. When else in your life have you ever been able to completely start over with your wardrobe. Most people never get that opportunity. I am realizing that I don’t want to just buy anything that fits. Now I have a chance to find things that I really like!  I am loving the style blogs for the first time in my life…considering they didn’t even exist when I was young. Back in day we had to go to the mall to see the latest fashions. Now everything is at our fingertips.

What are your thoughts on this exciting season of life?

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