Weight loss surgery

Love of all things fall!

I have always loved the fall season. I was born a natural redhead so fall colors have always looked best on me. I guess that’s where my love of rust, brown, tan, burgundy, orange and yellow began. I also love sweet potato pie, pumpkins, pumpkin spice candles, coffees and mums. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday. No gifts to buy, no rushing around to parties and low stress. To me, it is a season of family, comforting food, my favorite colors, candles and relaxing in my home. I also long for the cooler temperatures, although we haven’t quite got them yet in the south.

I am now 16 months out from gastric bypass surgery. My blood work is finally normal and I am adapting to my new normal. I have pretty much stalled at an 80 pound weight loss. I feel as though my body is catching up with my weight. I seem to be losing inches and sizes now. I hope to get back to basics and hopefully lose another 20-40 pounds. I am trying to once again focus on eating plenty of protein, drinking lots of water and moving more.

I have begun selling Avon over the last few months. It has been so much fun trying all of the new products and working on a business that is all up to me to build. I have found that I can buy almost all of the products I would normally buy at a big box store from myself. Why wouldn’t I support my own business rather than someone else’s. I was amazed at the range of products that Avon now carries. If you need any Avon or would like to join me in the business, go to my online store at http://www.youravon.com/jlainebradley

I am already searching out recipes for Thanksgiving and looking forward to being surrounded by my family. I am burning candles and adding to my fall decor constantly. I begin decorating on September 1st and don’t switch to Christmas until after Thanksgiving. That gives me 3 months to enjoy my favorite time of the year!

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