Weight loss surgery

Learning To Dance In the Rain

There are times in our lives that seem like dark clouds and rain just keep coming day after day.  Kind of like in the spring during the rain and storm season. But after the stormy season has passed we are blessed to see rainbows, sunshine and the beauty of God’s creation in full bloom.

I recently got my lab results and discovered that I am deficient in protein, iron and B-12 This does explain some of the darker days and tiredness I have been experiencing.  There are pros and cons to weight loss surgery. But on the positive side I am down almost 80 pounds.  My knees are doing so much better.  I no longer need a CPAP or diabetes and reflux medications.  Those are amazing results within themselves, so I can deal with adding protein and more vitamins. (You can see my before and after picture at the end.)

March was a crazy and hectic month. My little momma fell in the garage and injured her hip.  Thank God nothing was broken.  With memory and other health issues she is experiencing it could have been much worse.  She is in a great deal of pain even now, but I can see improvement.  Being a caregiver is a stressful job.   However, I know that she is appreciative and during my lifetime she has done much more for me than I will ever have to do for her.  I babysit my precious grandson two days a week and still try my best to be a good wife and mother.

With all of that said, I don’t know what I would do without my amazing husband of 33 years.  He is my biggest supporter and encourager.  We spend all of our “free” time together even if it is working in the yard or replacing all of the plumbing under our rental property because most of the pipes froze and burst last winter while vacant.  Yes, that has been this weekends fun activity.  Oh, and it rained all day yesterday while we crawled back and forth under the house.  I choose to look at it as time spent together and making memories we will look back on and laugh.

Sometimes life gets hard. Sometimes we don’t feel 100 percent. Sometimes you just have to dance in the rain!

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2 thoughts on “Learning To Dance In the Rain”

  1. So glad for you! You look amazing! I’m trying Keto diet and I am going all or nothing. So far in two weeks I have lost 13.2 lbs! I know as we get older it is harder. Proud of you!!


    1. You have done an amazing job of improving your health! And you are looking very classy and wonderful! Enjoy the new you!


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