Weight loss surgery

Busy Days of Spring

I am absolutely loving the warmer days of spring but with spring comes much to do. Last weekend I started planting bulbs, transplanting and pruning, also picking up and burning limbs. At the end of a work day I love sitting with my husband by the fire.

With Spring also came a trip to the salon. I love my friend Pam McGuire at Hair by Pam in Cabot, AR. She has been with me during the entire process of RNY surgery from attending the first seminar to helping through the accompanying hair loss. Every step of the way she has nourished my hair with Olaplex and #mydentity hair color by @GuyTang. Yes, hair loss does accompany RNY surgery but it does grow back. My hair was very thick when I began and I did lose a lot, but thanks to my friend and her recommendations I made it through this stage relatively unscathed. Lol. We kept taking it a little shorter each time but that is just what it needed. I am now sporting a pixie and I LOVE IT!

I am posting hair pics from before surgery and now. Not only can you see how much hair I had a year ago and now, you can also see the difference in me.


Photo credit Pam McGuire

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3 thoughts on “Busy Days of Spring”

  1. J’laine you are such a beautiful person on the inside as well as well as on the outside that you just glow! I am so proud of how far you have come in more ways than one, Your such a blessing to me and I’m sure countless others. You have such a beautiful soul also! You go girl and you do YOU!!!!

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  2. Oh how beautiful you are!!! But no matter what size or age we are, as daughters of the King, the beauty from within radiates past our physical! You are brave and beautiful…you always have been!


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