Weight loss surgery

It’s The Little Things

I had a great time Saturday at a large outdoor flea market a few towns away from where we live. We enjoy this particular market because it is a bit unusual. Where else can you go for antiques, tools, bird houses, clothes, plants, goats, chickens, pigs, puppies, tomato plants, trees and food trucks? It is a morning of people watching and shopping at its finest. However, you have to be an early bird to enjoy their wares. The vendors begin arriving at 5 a.m and are packing up by noon. My 22 month old grandson was mesmerized by the goats and pigs. He reached out and touched a baby pig on the snout and has been screaming like the goats ever since.

To me, the best thing about Saturday was spending time with my husband, daughter and her family. However, enjoying the beautiful day and being able to walk without pain was amazing. Before my Gastric Bypass surgery I had suffered with knee pain for years! I have been on medications, orthvisc shots in my knees and physical therapy. Nothing had helped. The orthopedic surgeon told me I needed both knees replaced due to osteoarthritis. I lived in constant pain and had to give up a lot of activities that I enjoyed. I am so excited to say that now down 74 pounds I am no longer in horrible pain. I am able to walk and enjoy my family. For now, knee surgery is not in my future. I’m certainly not saying that I will never need knee replacements but it will now be much later in life! This has been one of the many health benefits I have received from weight loss surgery.

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